Hacker trying to get into account.

I haven’t been active since last year and just received notification that someone tried to get into my account about an hour ago, who can I speak to or what can I do about this? Already removed my payment details but there’s still personal info in my acct.

Just change your password and you should be safe. There’s really nothing else to be done.

Hi ,

Please email accounts@unrealengine.com for topics specific to your account such as this. Thank you!

Were both of these isolated incidents?


franktech: The mods have been made aware of these incidents and we are monitoring but there is nothing much we can do expect stress that users should update their password and as pointed out, contact accounts should they have specific concerns about this.

An absolute ton of my accounts were “hacked” recently and it is because a few accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Steam & Playstation were hacked a few years back and I WAS using the same password. For example they managed to get onto my Grand Theft Auto account and play online for 20 hours, which included creating a “gang” and friends would you believe !!! I highly suggest either using a different password for everything or changing your passing every 1 month.

And please, make sure you are using DIFFERENT passwords on EVERY site. KeePass is an awesome and free solution for tracking passwords.

I already do use KeePass2. 8-}

FYI: Lastpass got hacked recently…

‘By default the KeePass encrypted database is not stored in the cloud but locally.’… Nice!

Yes and you can create more security by protecting it with a key. So I keep my DB in the cloud but the key on a local flash drive. You can also run KeePass from a flash drive if you prefer.