Hacked or Bug?

so I downloaded UE4.15, and to be honest I don’t really like it, it keeps messing around with my anim montages, fails to save my work, gives me memory errors tells me my texture streaming is over the limit and makes the game totally unplayable in the new window editor, and it’s not my code, I went through it with a fine comb and checked everything, I even rewrote most of my code in one bloody night and it still wouldn’t play properly, and then to top it all off, all that lovely code that I fixed ( my blueprints looked blood meticulous ) was completely erased and the entire contents folder of my game disappeared. it gave me a memory error ( wtf? I’ve got 16 gigs and a 4 gb graphics card ) then it said that the application had to close I wouldn’t be able to reopen it. when I tried to reopen the project there was nothing in it, the whole thing gone… As far as i’m aware it’s actually impossible for programs on your computer to delete any files without your permission, is that right? which leads me to the suspicion that I’ve been compromised. what do you think? have I been hacked? or is this just the worst update ever?

Holy run-on sentence, Batman.

No, it’s fair to assume that you were not hacked. Assuming you don’t have malware installed on your machine, perhaps there is some sort of fatal hard drive failure happening.

Are you sure the files were deleted? It doesn’t just delete stuff but it’s possible that the reference to the file got lost or that a file got corrupted. You should at least still be able to find your files in the project folder.

totally gone… nowhere on my HDD! I didn’t think it was possible for programs to delete your files? my HDD isn’t even a year old, and I had just run Malwarebytes earlier in the day to check for viruses. so it’s either a) hackers or b) worst update ever!

Use should really use some kind of Source Code Management (SCM)

This lets you revert and try out things without worrying about losing stuff.

Ideally, Use Perforce.

This applies to any software development, not just games.

**** happens. SCM saves you.

also there’s this weird thing with ue4, it only started happening with the last couple of engine versions, but when i’m working on my blueprints, this icon pops up, it’s a kindof circle, a white circle on a dark grey square, it seems to hover over totally random things, it looks kind of like some kind of cursor icon, for example if I’m working on a blueprint it will hover over one of the nodes or maybe it will be at the top of the screen hovering over a different blueprint tab, it’s totally weird, what the hell is it? it never used to be there. is somebody recording what i’m doing or taking screengrabs of my blueprints? if it’s a feature of the engine, then how the hell do I get rid of it? it’s really annoying.

Hackers do not care about blueprints, they make money out of bot nets. ransomware, phishing. To be hit by altruistic hacker (one that do not want to make money on you) you need better luck than winning lottery.