Hack n Slash or MMO Starter Kit

Hello community,
My name is Adam and I’ve been a programmer for about 19 years since I was 10 I started to self learn C++. I am by far not the best out there but was taught young from some really experienced programmers in todays world on reverse engineering which I picked up the wrapping of code and how to modify data as far as ASM. I started some years back when I was married with a game in mind diablo and diablo 2 hoping to traverse into a new updated version that keeps the idea but flows differently. I’ve accomplished a main menu, creation of characters, as far as being multiplayer going into a game together movement and a few items up too a jigsaw like inventory which I am now working on an equipment window to wear items to using sockets etc…

My question here is there people interested in a hack n slash starter kit that is detailed and fully customizable with plenty of comments and support?

If I plan on selling it will be robinhooded to fit peoples budget but allow donations for future support on keeping it up to date. I will also work with the community in adding in newer updates of peoples ideas that will fit the starter and possibly turn it into more then a starter but a kit that can be modified and updated to change every aspect into your own mmorpg to a hack n slash.

Ideas and input are appreciated I will just leave this last updated video here to see some of the progress I had invested.

Showing every thing off

Inventoryv1 0 - YouTube

showing of the inventory

JigsawInventory - YouTube


I’ve been looking for a template of something similar… I have very little programming experience, but have a ton of level design interest and exp, so this is right up my alley. I have tried learning how to program something like this, and can figure out the simple things, but complicated things

I’ve been looking to try to recreate the old “Gauntlet” games, as the new one just wasn’t quite the same. Something where you can load your save slot, then choose your character out of a list of characters, include a list of secret characters that need to be unlocked, play local or online 4p coop, and have a simple combat system with light/heavy attack, special special 2, where light attack is always a projectile, heavy attack is a projectile with slower attack speed but higher damage and inflicts a DoT effect, then special attacks are just that - specials, and lastly there would be an item shop to purchase items that players can use.

Players would accumulate gold, and item drops at random from enemies, so players would have the ability to sort through this item list with their controller D pad and then press a button to use these items. Things like “Increased attack speed for 20 seconds” “invulnerable for 10 seconds” etc.

The game would play with Monster spawners that start with a base number of enemies nearby them, and the enemies would have an aggro radius then they would come towards the player.

The game would have a central hub level, and within that level there are several sections each with a theme, that teleports the player to a level (level 1-5) of each zone.

Each level would have traps, triggers and switches to open/close gates etc, there would be a key system where keys could be picked up / bought and saved, then used on doors and treasure chests in levels to access to special areas.

Basically “Gauntlet, Dark Legacy” remade but with updated graphics and slightly different items.