Hack n Slash or MMO Starter Kit

Hello community,
My name is Adam and I’ve been a programmer for about 19 years since I was 10 I started to self learn C++. I am by far not the best out there but was taught young from some really experienced programmers in todays world on reverse engineering which I picked up the wrapping of code and how to modify data as far as ASM. I started some years back when I was married with a game in mind diablo and diablo 2 hoping to traverse into a new updated version that keeps the idea but flows differently. I’ve accomplished a main menu, creation of characters, as far as being multiplayer going into a game together movement and a few items up too a jigsaw like inventory which I am now working on an equipment window to wear items to using sockets etc…

My question here is there people interested in a hack n slash starter kit that is detailed and fully customizable with plenty of comments and support?

If I plan on selling it will be robinhooded to fit peoples budget but allow donations for future support on keeping it up to date. I will also work with the community in adding in newer updates of peoples ideas that will fit the starter and possibly turn it into more then a starter but a kit that can be modified and updated to change every aspect into your own mmorpg to a hack n slash.

Ideas and input are appreciated I will just leave this last updated video here to see some of the progress I had invested.

Showing every thing off

Inventoryv1 0 - YouTube

showing of the inventory

JigsawInventory - YouTube