Hack and Slash RPG with Gamepad

Hi UnrealEngine 4 community. I’ve started to make a Hack and Slash RPG with gamepad support not mouse and keyboard as my plan is to turn it into a VR seated experience. I’m not a game developer and I’m doing this as a hobby. But I thought (which really hurt my head) I would upload videos to youtube, so you will see some of my video’s watching me workout the way to build the game. My computer isn’t great so I couldn’t pre-record them and edit it, But my internet is reasonable so I stream it straight to youtube, so my videos are RAW. If you are interested in how I build a RPG with gamepad support come and have a look, and hopefully it will help you, if you are also looking to implement gamepad support.

Here is the Link to the playlist

This looks great. I am looking at trying this myself, have you got the source on github or something?


Hi Jonny, I don’t have any source on Github. I’m not a game developer, so I do make mistakes. If you look at my first 2 videos I have added links on there that helped me to start. One was from TheSargKyle, he has a RPG starter kit which helps in getting you started with base structure. Just download the starter kit and drag the kit into the content folder. The other is what I learned to make gampad supported UI. It is a simple project that gives a basic setup on how to implement gamepad support to UMG. I reference both in the beginning of the second video. I suggest download both and have a look at them. Hope that helps you get started.