Hacienda style house made in UE4 by Evermotion [video]

Archexteriors for Unreal Engine 4 vol. 1 includes complete Hacienda-style house and garden. Each room was carefully modeled and filled with props and assets. There are no empty interiors or exterior areas. The scene contains a big number of vegetation assets. Larger trees have LODs. The scene contains procedural generated grass.

Comments are the most welcome! :slight_smile:

I think you guys went a bit over the board with some details, like the oven’s interior lol. Hopefully the scene isn’t too clustered and have a good performance!!!

Well, you surely need a fast machine to run it, I have to admit that. We will release some interiors next. They will be much more optimized for everyday use. And they already look georgous, I will share some screenshots later.