So as I have been learning UE4, I have been migrating some of my prototypes and concepts across to UE4 from Torque 3D. This has proven invaluable as I have been learning how to do the same things in UE4 as I had already done in Torque 3D. The two screenshots below (although not spectacular) show some of the stuff I have completed.

Main Menu:
This is the main menu using UMG only and is intended to allow the player to viualise what their character will look like. The first time they log in there will not be a model but as they progress and as they change their character, the model will reflect the latest changes when they log in.


This inventory was originally based off the Epic UMG tutorial but has now been heavily modified. The backpack when picked up opens up access to its storage area (Storage) until then you are limited to the normal storage slots under the player section (Player). Certain equipment will automatically be placed in the relevant slots when you pick them up, the overflow will go in to whatever storage you have available.

It still needs some work, but it is functional and works.


The Health, Stamina, and Mood indicators will be changed to Icons and will show 1 of 3 colours based on current level. I will post more updates and a video of the Main Menu and the inventory in action when I get a chance.

Anyway, just wanted to share.

Not bad! If you don’t mind the feedback, transparency for the equipment menu is a must in my opinion for this style of game if it’s a DayZ style you are going for. I really like the simplicity of everything so not much to complain about! Keep up the great work!

@87Kevo: Feedback and Criticism is always welcome. 8-}

I initially thought about doing transparency on the inventory but then I thought that when you are digging through your backpack and ruffling through your pockets, you get tunnel vision … so the idea here is to let the players use their inventory but to try and prevent them from maintaining full situational awareness while doing it.

Having said that however … when we start playtesting … we will probably implement both types (off different key bindings) and see which works best. Thanks again for the feedback. 8-}