Gyroscope & Accelerometer Support

Dear Epic Staff,

I’ve been currently developing a racing game, where i try to add at minimum Accelerometer (preferred Gyroscope) support to Steer the Car.
Yes, i tried the Motion Input Node kinda thing with Blueprint. :slight_smile:

Is there a sane kind of way to use the Gyroscope or Accelerometer?


I’m not sure what you mean by sane.

In 4.2 the Get Input Motion State (which I assume is what you are referring to as “Motion Input Node kinda thing”) was erroneously returning just the X component of the motion vectors as a float instead of the entire vector. This is fixed in 4.3

In 4.2 you should, however, be able to bind an input event to each of the motion Vector axes or use the Get functions. Try searching Acceleration, Tilt, Gravity, or Rotation Rate.

Thanks :slight_smile: / after digging a little and testing - Things work now.