Gy Dedicated Server multiplayer (currently solo! project)

Hi All,

Thought I’d post an initial update on my dive into Unreal.

I’m currently working on this solo, won’t be long before I’m ready to start thinking about the more artistic side of things and would be looking for someone to partner with at that point.

Limited Open world / capture the flag style single or multiplayer third person game.
Inspiration for the world and skills is a mash up of Brandon Sanderson Storm light archives set in a Peter F Hamilton style Commonwealth Saga future with a bit of J.S.Morin black ocean thrown in.

Currently working on the back end so not a very pretty update but here’s what I’ve implemented so far and a short video quickly showing some of it.
All C++ just exposing the design stuff to blueprint.

  • Successfully building and packaging dedicated server
  • Everything replicating correctly server has authority on all transactions.
  • Created custom asset management system extending the epic asset management system for loading packaged and also dynamic content on the fly from other data sources both async or sync.
  • Initial server side persistence system created for any actors have abstracted storage part so the storage can be anything.
  • Custom UI / Inventory systems, completely modular and customisable, everything C++ you just drop whatever blueprint on top for the pretty stuff and it inherits the capabilities.
  • Drag and drop with latency compensation
  • Movable windows that remember where you left them + auto z order stacking
  • Split stacks
  • Drag single
  • Pinned slots for specific items only
  • Tagged slots only accept items with those tags
  • keyboard short cuts for moving items
  • persistence
  • actor components implement interact interface
  • dynamic ownership and locking of in game actors like banks (or sharing)

Initial null subsystem set up and also dummy representative login created on command line for rapid local testing
Editor enhancements like primary assets icons updating to the inventory icon in the editor if they are of that type
Player can spawn any pawn on login managed by asset manager, dynamic player and player character objects stored and loaded for that.
[/LIST] More besides but that’s the highlights! short video showing it in action

Next steps implementing unreal game ability system and linking that into the UI and skill primary assets I have set up for that

Update 2

Implemented the Unreal Game AbilitySystem and integrated with with my inventory system if anyone is looking to do this themselves this is the best resource I have found, thanks tranek.

tranek/GASDocumentation: My understanding of Unreal Engine 4’s GameplayAbilitySystem plugin with a simple multiplayer sample project. (
tranek/GASShooter: Advanced FPS/TPS Sample Project for Unreal Engine 4’s GameplayAbilitySystem plugin (

Worked through all the core use cases of the ability sustem and got them working in my game and made sure everything working for dedicated server and replication, highlights below.

This was a bit of a slog but now I’ve got it going and exposed to blueprint I can start to focus on the game play, next steps I’m taking a break from coding and jumping over to getting the gameplay fleshed out and some initial artwork created.

Implemented Unreal Gameplay ability System in C++
Exposed Gameplay configuration via blueprint
Specifically Implemented
Custom Gameplay System Component
Attribute sets
Core GamePlay Ability
Event driven ability changes and tag changes
Base Actor types Gameplay Cue’s
Batch Replication
implementing custom gameplay ability system Integrating with inventory system allowing storage or instant implementation (or both)

This is awesome, I’ve been looking for some show-off work pertaining to networking & server development. I’m surprised no one else commented.

Anyways, Keep up the great work, and hope to see more!