Guys i'm looking for something like this

this is an example on how rayman was made, is a very intuitive framework, i’m looking a sort of plugin that will make 2d assets that easy to set and move, and transform, pretty much that, i found this but…

surely not available to use in ue4, you know, just sharing, nothing else than that

Well the magic is done by rendering on a blank background which by default generates an alpha mask for the different elements which you can do with any 3d application. Once done you then convert the images to either a sprite sheet or a texture atlas.

The spline functions is available in UE4 as well as a lot of world builder tools similar as to what was demonstrated but you would need an app that can generate the base art.

Something the would be suitable would be Daz Studio, which is free, and what ever you render as a 2d image there is no licensing fees as to fair use.

A simple primer.

i’m working on inkscape for vector type assets, since rayman looks like it was made with many vectors, but i wonder how to made the dynamic lightning on a 2d game like this, they used their own framework, but i found a way to implement dynamic lightning on 2d sprites by using the normal maps, but i wonder if there is a sort of plugin or blueprint to make this much easier

Spine or Creature2D can both do this I think.