Guys!!!! Asus rog swift available now!!!! *gsync*

Missed the Newegg preorders for release tomorrow but got one at TigerDirect and wanted to let everyone know get one before it’s gone…

$800!? Jesus! I don’t even have 1920x1080 lol, I’m not ready for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, the cost of Gsync is so huge at the moment, you would be better off spending that money on a top GPU.

Bingo, no need for Gsync anymore!

Yea, I was kind of torn about that. I’ve been waiting as long as I could before pulling the trigger on some new parts for a new system and this monitor was something I got really excited about late last year. After seeing this video (John Carmack, Johan Andersson, Tim Sweeney Talk About NVIDIA G-Sync - YouTube) featuring Tim, John and Johannes, I was pretty much sold on it but when I heard the price, that definitely hurt and made me question it. But the reviews are stellar across the board and everyone is saying its the best gaming monitor available and I think it’ll also add value from a GPU perf perspective while jumping in and out of the UE4 editor and into my game since the GPU doesn’t need to hold onto the frame any longer and keep moving forward at it’s pace. I am starting a video game company as we speak and just in case I need to drag my equipment to an investor meeting to demo off the first game prototype, this could probably really help. I also don’t have much time for optimization quite yet since I’ve been creating prototype systems to eventually expand upon and also not too sure yet what will end up as the foundation for the final game so leaving V-Sync off may also benefit the demo experience if I haven’t had opportunities to fully optimize my prototype at that time, and also in the case that I am not demoing DK2 support.

Also a heads up, I cancelled my order with TigerDirect. They were/are lying about it in stock and after purchase they actually told me they would get them at the end of next month but they weren’t sure since they were coming from another vendor. But they charged me and a ton of other people immediately for the full-amount regardless of their lack of availability. Haven’t used them in years and after all the complaining about them and going through this today and also dealing with probably one of the worst customer service depts. on their end, I’ll never go back after today and will just stick to Newegg and Amazon.

Luckily, I had problems falling asleep so I just stayed up through the night and tried the local Burbank Frys in the morning with some wishful thinking and nothing. When I came home though, Newegg had them in stock for roughly 20 min so I got one from there. After tax + local ground shipping, I think it came to about 880+ (CA tax really sucks) when all was said and done. But now I’m trying to decide if I should wait 3 days for X99 to drop with hopes to bring down the prices of Z97 and the 4790K Devils Canyon but not sure if I should just start ordering today. I don’t usually upgrade right at the time of a new chipset launch but sometime after so I would guess that prices would go down on Z97, but not sure.

Also, if you guys try to pick one up from Frys, here’s their PLU# (8237286) for the product in case it’s still not in their system. Apparently people have been going in there the past couple of days and bought this monitor early.

Take it easy guys!

I almost decided to get this monitor, but the long wait plus the massive price (+ tax, don’t forget that) convinced me to go with a $500 ASUS IPS 27" 1440p. Of course, it’s only 60hz and no gsync, but I personally plan to do most of my gaming on a Rift soon enough, so the monitor is more for watching movies (where IPS is a nice benefit) and working.

And the difference in price is enough to buy a Rift, too ($500 vs $800).

Nice, what’s the response time on that monitor and which model? Is that the MX… model? I was also looking at some of the ASUS IPS displays and may get one just for great color reproduction for art. BTW… you get your rift yet? If I’m not mistaken, I think I’ve seen you on the forums over at OVR. I’m usually here but occasionally over on those forums too.

EDIT: Here is the IPS I was checking out earlier…

That’s not a bad monitor - I was specifically looking for 1440p at 27" as it seems like it would be a tad too pixely at 1080p on 27". Depends on your budget though.

Yep that’s me on the OVR forums. No Rift yet - I have a June 19th order, so I imagine it won’t arrive until next month some time. Trying to build up as many demos as I can before then.

Here’s the monitor I got:"_1440--9SIA1ZD11F3447--Product Er, except not refurbished.

It’s one of the only decent 1440p monitors I could find for around that price - there are cheaper ones but they are all weird off brands and the reviewers state they have various issues.

The response time is 5ms on that one, which of course isn’t as good as the ROG monitor’s 1ms or whatnot, but that’s to be expected of an IPS panel.

I don’t actually notice any ghosting at all. Picture is super crisp.

The best thing about it, though, is the resolution and the contrast. The contrast is out of this world - bright whites are practically blinding, and blacks are as dark as you could want.

I’ve got the ASUS VG248QE, which is pretty awesome. Most games can’t reach 120fps on my current rig, but some (CS:GO) have no trouble - it’s awesome. Color reproduction isn’t great, but I’ve got an IPS as a secondary for that. My problem with G-Sync is that it’s a huge, huge, huge investment for 1st generation tech. They even developed it with my monitor in mind, but I think it costs something like ~$300 to upgrade the PCB. The developer in me understands the cost associated with this, but the consumer in me dies a little bit when I consider taking the plunge.

So far, I dig the monitor, and don’t see the benefits outweighing the cost currently to upgrade to G-Sync.

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