GunWorks - Gun Customization Interface

GunWorks is a dynamic GUI driven gun customization tool. Available on the marketplace HERE

GunWorks utilizes a structure similar to M-V-P (model-view-presenter). At the very center of ColorCore sits the GunWorks material. It consists of 279 shader instructions for dynamic only lighting. With ColorCore, any preset can be loaded onto any other gun so long as it’s equipped with the proper maps as detailed in our overview video below. We currently have the guns split into parts in preparation for modular attachments, but it is compatible with whole-model guns as well. GunWorks aims to be a core functionality tool that enables others to quickly integrate modular guns into their games. In a future release we plan to include a full part-swapping UI.


GunWorks intro and walkthrough – Gun integration overview videos.


  • Highly customizable GunWorks material
  • Dynamically generated GUI shelf system for gun material communication
  • Hue/Saturation/Value/Misc sliders for easy color and material modification
  • Dynamically generated icon buffer for ‘next gun’ icon selection
  • Saving/Loading presets system


Technical Specifications:
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Collision: Yes, physics asset collision.
LOD’s: None at the moment, but it’s on the road map.
Texture Size: N/A due to the dynamic nature of GunWorks gun parts provided in our package. Texture resolutions are adjusted based on the size of the part. 4k External Source files are optionally included and can be downloaded HERE.
Documentation: Coming Soon.

•23x Widget Blueprints
•7x classes
•7x interfaces
•5x structs
•4x enums
•4x Weapon
•3x Tutorial
•2x libraries
•2x saves
•2x Characters
•1x Mode
•1x Environment
•1x Controller

•24x Gun Parts
•9x Paintbooth environment meshes
•1x GunWorks Gun Tag
•1x Gun Tag Chain
•1x UVBias Cube

•13x UI Materials
•11x Environment Materials
•1x GunWorks Material
•1x GlobalScaleBiasAlignment Material
•1x Gun Tag Material
•1x Gun Tag Chain Material

Material Functions:
•7x GunWorks Material Functions
•1x UI Material Function

•4k External Source Files available HERE
•5x GunWorks Material TX
•36x UI TX
•18x Camo Patterns
•102x Miscellaneous Part TX
•16x Misc Environment TX
•4x GunWorks Gun Tag TX
•2x Gun Tag Chain TX

•2x UI Sfx
•1x Ambience Sfx

•1x preview map
•1x overview map

•5x Display Animations
•9x Tag Animations

Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows

Josh Trevisiol (me) - 3D Tech Artist - Twitter - Youtube
Chris Fauver - Programmer - Twitter
Taux - Vector Artist (Camos) - Twitter - Site

This looks amazing. One question I have is you said that as long as the gun has the correct maps, this system is able to be used. I currently own the FPS Weapons Pack from Deadghost Interactive off of the marketplace. Does your system work out of the box with those models are do I need to change them in any way to make them work with this system.

Thank you and excellent work!

Hello ToxinGaming. Additional maps would need to be created for the guns. I’ve detailed it within the gun integration video in the original post. At the very least, you would need to make a colormask which determines where each customizable material is.

One of the most polished asset packs I have ever seen :open_mouth:

Congratulations on this remarkable pack and I hope all that hard work you’ve all obviously put into this product pays off ten fold :smiley:

I will definitely be picking this product up once I get back to work on our game project after production wraps up on our soon-to-be-released UE4 Plugin.

Perhaps sooner if I cannot resist :wink:

Call of duty needs to use that