GunVR: A completely free VR Weapon pack

Works with Vive, not sure if this will work with Oculus as have not tested yet, someone let me know if it works :slight_smile:

A Fully featured VR weapons demo with:

  • Two handed wielding
  • Animated hands and gun models
  • A variety of weapon attachments, such as red dot sight, laser pointer, silencer, etc
  • 4 different weapons in the project
  • Automatic and semi automatic weapons
  • Damage falloff
  • Create custom camos by spraypainting your gun
  • Much more :slight_smile:


Download link:…swWvreSLP/view

this is great i’m testing on the oculus not sure why but seems to go right through the floor or atleast the hmd is always below the floor can teleport and stuff but always underground looking into why at the moment.

Are you on a Vive? I developed on the Vive so oculus may not work correctly.

for anybody else wondering in the pawn there is a setting wich gets the name of hmd with three options in there steamvr - oculusrift - psvr simply adding a extra one called OculusHMD fixes the issue on the rift s being stuck in ground

This looks interesting nice one!

Thanks dude!

Hey, just asking but is the shooting range level made with 4.23? because it wont open on 4.22 so im just wondering what could be the issue. Thanks so much for your pack though i can tell its great.

Everything is working well, except for the shooting event. I pull the trigger and the animation is working. but no sound effect and no particles? Any assistance on where to look to resolve would be greatly appreciated!

Yes, definitely, thank you for sharing and making it free.

Thanks for sharing this and making it free… :slight_smile:

No problem dude!

First I want to say that this is amazing and you providing for free is something special! This is helping me in some hurdles I was experiencing. I can confirm that (if set up appropriately) this works on Oculus Quest, although it feels slow in the HMD. I just wanted to drop a line that it does work and to say thank you Reuben Ward!

This can be fixed in blueprint

“VRGunPawn”: “Setup player height” Switch on name: Default-> SetTrackingOrigin:Eye Level (or choose your device name)

This can be fixed in blueprint

“BPMotionController”: “If holding a gun, and fully holding the trigger down, shoot the weapon”
Replace != by LessEqual(float) 0.8
Replace == by Greater(float) 0.8

Dont forget to hit compile :wink:

Also a big thank you to the author of GunVR, nice work!

My Headset: Oculus Rift S

Best regards,

Thanks Ruben Ward.

It works fine on the Oculus Rift CV1. I had to change Set Tracking Origin to ‘Stage’ or I was under the floor.

Newbie question.

When you squeeze and hold the trigger, you have to wait a whole second before a bullet fires. What needs to be changed to set the bullet delay to 0?

Hey guys can someone reshare the file edited and solving this issue i have which is as i did try to use it with my oculus questi did small tweaks of that instead of teleporting i was using thumbstick left for normal movement and every time i click the button to grab a gun the game gives me a vibration and crashes so i need help please

I want to second ahmadkabbni’s concern. Everytime I press any button on my Vive controller, it instantly crashes. No vibration just straight crash.


Hello, how could I replicate the weapons? It was incorporated into the template collab but the client or the server always sees the weapon dragging on the ground that of the other player but the reality is that it is held in the hand.

How can make this compatible with 4.26 ?

Hand is depreciated"

and I still seem to be teleporting into the floor

even when I have set my default to eye level etc

can u help me i cant grab or teleport anywhere

btw i have rift s

can someone help i fixed looking above but i cant teleport or anything else

every time i boot it up in editor it crashes
im using 4.27 and index