Hi guys,

If any of you guys have any weapon assets I can borrow please do so because I am struggling to create weapons and I could really do with some assets

Thank you

you can get a bunch of rifles from here i can’t guarantee you that these aren’t for commercial use or not

I will need an account for this website so I can’t download the rifles, IF ANYONE ELSE IS READING THIS PLEASE CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET GUN ASSETS FROM!

Thank you

The website told by Vasault is good but U will need to login to download.It is non-malicious

i’ve been using cgtrader for my game for a big amount of time, there are plenty of royalty free guns there, here you have more websites to download guns for free and royalty free use and here now keep in mind that most of these guns aren’t game ready, that means the amount of poligons and materials, textures, etc. aren’t optimized for videogames, or do not have reloading or shooting animations

And yes Vasault U are totally correct again and Harv10 u need to understand this the sign in log in system is kept now in every website to prevent DDos attacks…so that only a user and not any AI is able to access the data present in the cloud of a website’s server…

thanks and yeah, a registration shouldn’t take more than a min, specially in cgtrader