Guns of the Old West

Hi all,

It’s been a while since my last post. I already have a pack on the marketplace here and from that I’ve had a few requests for custom assets. One of the assets I made was a lever action rifle and having retained the rights to that model I decided to make a new pack.
With the popularity of Westworld, and the upcoming RDR2, I thought a ‘Guns of the Old West’ pack might be of interest so I’ve been working on models of weapons that had the biggest impact on that era.
I do this purely for the love of 3D modelling, engineering, design, technology and an interest in world history, if people can make use of the models then that’s a bonus!

The models will come fully rigged with 4k, 2k, and 1K textures. If there’s interest I may create a couple of different textures for the ‘Single Action Army Revolver’ (see below) such as a mother of pearl handle as well as the traditional wooden stock. I was also considering making the ammo for these weapons as a bonus.

Lever Action Rifle



LeMat Revolver



WIP Single Action Army Revolver



The last model for the pack will be finished soon so if there any changes or suggestions you have please let me know. You can find more at my website Thanks for your time.

Looks awesome. Is there a chance that i’ll be able to buy a weapon alone?

These look really good!

Cannot wait to see more :slight_smile:

Top AAA quality, nice :wink:

Thanks for the kind replies, it really means a lot :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I’d sell them separately, I think having them as a pack makes more sense because they fit together thematically. If more people would like them separately then I may change my mind. Out of curiosity may I ask which one you were interested in on its own?

This brings me to my next issue…pricing. I was thinking of charging between $40-$50 for the pack. I believe this is fair with the amount of work that has gone into them and based on the sales of my previous pack. This is also open to suggestions though and may change if people want the extras I mentioned in my first post. Time permitting I should have them finished this week so I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Probably the rifle since i just want to play a bit with the engine itself i dont need a big back if you know what i mean but on the otherhand something between 30 and 60$ is more than fair for that.


I’ve been a bit busy with work and Christmas since my last post. Here are a few renders of the finished Single Action Army Revolver as well as the .45 ammo. Time permitting I should have this finished soon but if you guys have any suggestions or things you’d like to see added to this pack I’d love to here your thoughts. Thanks!





Hi James A Cooper, I like your revolwer, looks really really good, do you finished it already ? I want to buy it, is it possible :slight_smile: ? Best Regards

oh god i love this! and i need it

I purchased this asset. Is there a skeleton for Unreal Engine 4 included? If not, how do I create one for the rifle and for the other guns?