Gun pickup to Spawn Gun and attach to actor works. Shooting it doesnt. Wat!?

Posted this in Answerhub too but I think having a fancy thread might be better.

Hello all. I’m new to the magical world of blueprints (it’s fantastic!) so I’m pretty much a beginner so I’ve been following various tutorials online and I’ve set up a bunch of things which has been a blast, Now I’m stumped however and need your expertise.

I’m picking up a gun in the world (Gun_01_pickup) and by using it from my inventory I spawn and attach (Gun_01_Blueprint with hopefully all future mechanics and gunlogic) to my character. This character then uses a BP interface (which i’ve assigned to all BP’s) to send a fire weapon event (via the character blueprint). This fire event doesn’t trigger in my gun blueprint. I know the blueprint is loaded because the model is different and it triggers if i put an event tick on it. My mechanics are as following… Step by step.

You can pick up a weapon and get it placed in your inventory. Using it despawns this item (Gun_01_Pickup) and spawns the real one (Gun_01_Blueprint) on your character and sends out an equipped bool true.


I then use this to check if the weapon is equipped and react accordingly. It works, everything prints as it should.


When I equip my gun it plays the sounds and the model is different so I know that works but I can’t figure out at all why the fire weapon event from the blueprint interface isn’t working. I’ve tried everything, this is just a basic version of all the multiple attempts I’ve done. What am I missing?


EDIT: I realize some stuff should probably be in the gun_blueprint, like anything having to do with the shooting. I’m probably gonna juggle it around at some point but right now I just want it to work. I’ve actually moved the sound effect into the gun now but still haven’t figured out the fire event.

I’m probably also gonna have to redo the weapons system later aswell so it’s not a usable item but an equippable drag n drop one. That’s a challenge for the future though!