Gun is too High on Oculus

Hello, I am extremely new to this so plz bear with me.

I have the starter first person map that I am learning in it. When I “play” the level everything looks great as far as gun position.

But when I Alt shift to play on the DK2, the gun is where my nose is in the goggles. How do I correct that?



Open the actor BP, assuming 1st person hands, and move the camera.

Would that be player start?

Here are my actors


Look in your character blueprint, the Player Start actor spawns your default character.

In your content browser (normally on the bottom left of the screen), see if you can find a blueprint called MyCharacter, if you open that up and choose the components tab on the top right, you should be able to grab the camera and move it around until you’re happy with it.

Thanks for the help on this guys - will work on it tomorrow.