Gun Goes Through Ground When I Look Down

Hello Everyone, the title says it all. I have my character and attached a gun to him. Everything is working great, except for when he looks down. The gun looks through the ground, how can I stop this?

1st or 3rd person?

3rd person default world, but I have camera set up as first person

Just FYI my character is somewhat small, and close to the ground, but I feel like there should still be a way to make the gun not just stab through. My character on the other hand is fine and moves around easily with no collision issues of this sort that the gun is having

Interesting configuration

Generally the first person camera is only seen by the first person and is overdrawn to the viewport . and uses a near and far plane as to the area the projection takes place. If something like a weapon extends out side the far plan it will clip through objects that is overdraw. To fix the clipping you will need to change the scale of what is drawn so they fit with in the far plan and adjust the perspective relative to the camera. We had the same problem and by making the hands .25 in scale brought the weapon inside the far plane and that solved the clipping

Is it your camera that pokes through or just the barrel of your gun?

I’ll give that a try n let you know

I’m pretty sure its just the gun kinda hard to tell in first person

It actually looks like it might be both

You can try to add collision to the gun so it just can’t clip through stuff.
not sure what will end up breaking as you do so, an alternative would be PHAT assets for the weapon.

mind you, the easiest fix is to limit the angle you can look down via the aim offset you are likely already using…