Gun Fire Issue

I’m having a lot of problems with my equip and holstered weapons. I managed to create a weapon swapping system using integers so when the player presses “E” the next weapon shows up. The current weapon will appear in the players hands while the next weapon will be displayed on their backs.

This is where all the issues come in…

I have 4 weapons (White, Red, Blue, Yellow) that all share the same fire button “Left mouse Button”. So when I press LMB all the weapons fire at once…HOW CAN I STOP THIS???

Seems like a simple programming issue. You need to tell the game that the weapon is not active programmatically. Going on a hunch, use simple boolean conditions to tell the game which weapon to fire and which not to fire.

I found a solution. I used the integer node from the equip function into my fire function. Right after the “Input Action Fire” I place the “Switch on Int” then my “Click Number” variable. I ended everything with the different fire functions.