Gun Attachment stuck and lost {Video Link}

I’m having a problem with my game when I attach a weapon it works fine everywhere. When I put my back against a wall the gun lose it’s attachment while doing the aim-offset. Recently(I THINK) It’s because of the camera…? Idk if I put the camera in front of the actor it works fine… I think… So It’s something to do with camera…???

As I’m testing it out it seems if I move the camera in front of the player it works…???huh? I love this camera angle what’s going on…?

I think maybe your weapon is occluding?
kind of hard to tell based on just the description. Can you share a screenshot or 2?

Nvm. Just noticed the link. Need more coffee.

Anyway. The first thing you need to look into is IK.
Is it setup at all? No? Then setting it up will keep the rifle on the hands.

Second thing to look up. Enable debug view and check the bones.
The gun socket bone may be sliding because of the aim offset - looking over at what the bones are doing will show you in which way that is occurring.

Set the position in a way the issue is accentuated. Shift f1 to eject. Pan around to the front, and check where the bones actually are.
you can screenshot that for further debugging…

I’m not sure I’ve made a mathematical system to try and solve this solution. Which works but it’s going to take me 20 mins to place every gun. I put the camera in front of the mesh and it worked just fine the issue seems to happen when I collide with walls backward or running against. Theirs a hand Ik set-up I’ve tried attachting to component and the hand Ik socket and still nothing.As far as occlusion goes Using a math system it doesn’t happen but it waste time.

Okay I turned off occlusion

and it still doesn’t work. But somehow I have this weird in the middle camera angle and everything is working find even against the wall. So IT must be occlusion

or something. I looked in the camera class trying to find it before but couldn’t see anything related… Now after searching then I turned off one setting with in the engine… Their must be more somewhere. Who told unreal to turn this on in the 1st place.

But if I go back to the view I want no good

I solved the issue I “Think” Let me try this out for a hour… My game use a system where players are able to fully configure them selves head to toe. By using that it’s causing animation issues…-___.-Now I must remove my system… It makes sense because a thousand people would be complaining all day, That’s the second error I ran into related to using the system… One they say is core and never fixing…Well on the side note… Egg Nog shall flow

I was thinking about this at the begin but I was stubborn about my system I spent time making./…blah…why even introduce… if it has so many errors


This took forever it was actually a engine error and it’s labeled as they will not fix. It really should be labeled on the page