Gun aimpoint

Hi all,

This is actually my first post so, hi all and welcome to myself :cool:

I want to make a remake of Babo Violent 2, this will be the very first game I’ll ever created.
Have been using the rolling ball template so far, I got the physics roughly up to my liking.
My problem is with aiming the gun, a crosshair will not work because of the camera lag.
Basicly what I need to know is how to create a crosshair that is always in line with the gun, and vica versa.
See the video below for a demonstration, after I turn lag on you will never be able to hit anything directly in font of you.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Resolved the issue by implementing “camera” lag on the arm that the gun is attached to, not the actual camera arm.
The gun lags behind the camera movement now, kind of similar effect but you will still be able to aim.