Guild Wars 2 Thread

Guys…what do you think of Guild Wars 2 ? Have this game influenced you in the design of your own games ? If yes, then how ?

Guild Wars 2 ? Not particularly. I mean to be honest I have over 700h played, so I can’t say I did not enjoyed this game, but it have quite a few short comings compared to Guild Wars 1, notably:

  1. Very, very dumbed down abilities. What GW1 did right, was pushing literally hunderds of abilities per class, from which you could pick and building your own deck. Ever played MTG ? Yeah, it’s very similiar in basic principle. Was GW1 perfectly balanced ? Of course not. Did it matter ? No. Huge amount of skill allowed for emergent gameplay, which is nay impossible and GW2, which become stale very quickly, as there is just not many options, to customize your character/

  2. Itemization. GW1 had very, very interesting itemization, which was based on very simple logic behaviour rules (if, then, else, while, for).
    For example if your health is below 20%, then you deal 30% more dmage. For each Hex on you, you gain 5% more health. Since GW1 I have not seen game which would utilize such system on mass scale on every item. Another good thing were non stackable attributes, and class specific attributes (if you have classes in your game you can just as well create attributes specific for those classes).

GW2 failed terribly on itemization front (which say what you want, but it’s very important in any kind of RPG). Item just add flat bonuses to numbers, which is boring.

Also GW2 removed any resource managment except time (cooldowns, and cast times). Which actually makes action combat, in game feel way more stale and not invovled. Cooldowns are long, and you don’t really need to think about them. For like 90% you just spam abilities as soon as they are off cooldown.
GW1 had energy mechanics + cooldowns + cast times, and manading energy was one of the more interesting aspects of combat. You have been involved, because you had to think about what is best to use at that time, considering what enemy is doing. Despite the fact that in GW1 you couldn’t use abilities while moving, combat was way more action, that it ever was in GW2.

In all, I have nothing to defend GW2 mechanics. It is in all aspects just worse than GW1. IT could be just as well called “Generic MMORPG 123” and it would be exactly that.

The pluses are completly not involving game mechanics. Maybe expect the fact that you can use abilities while moving. And even that I would make differently.

Ever since GW1 I personally think that interesting itemization based on conditional logic and lots of skills based on similar rules are very important if you are going to make any kind of RPG.
Flat bonuses to flat numbers are something to be avoided at all cost. They are not fun.
They are easy to balance ? Doesn’t matter. If you get bored after 100h because all you ever get are yet higher numbers, which does not affect mechanics in any other way than increasing numbers on screen…

If you are looking for inspiration of something not generic and really fun I recommend checking Guild Wars 1. I can say for 100%, that since Guild Wars 1, there was not even single game similiar to Guild Wars 1. And people still play GW1. Last time I checked even more than few months ago.