Guidelines for ground vehicles

If you intend to buy some vehicles from Marketplace in the future please mention your requirements using the template below. If there is anything you can add to the template let me know and I’ll update it.

Hopefully all the info gathered in this topic will be useful not only for me but for other artists too if they are planning to make some vehicles for Marketplace.

Leave blank if you’re not sure but you should mention the price in all cases.

1)Target triangle count: ±
2)Texture maps and resolution or max compressed texture memory space available:
4)Interior quality relative to exterior quality:
5)Vehicle type:
7)Body parts:
9)Vehicle integration:
10)Average price per one vehicle:
11)Additional notes:

*1: Example: 30.000 ± 10.000 triangles.
*2: Example: Body 2k, interior 2k, details 2k, wheels 1k, misc 1k or @ 20mb.
*3: Interior, Exterior or both.
*4: Lower, same or higher.
*5: Military, utility, off-road, racing, etc.
*6: Original or custom. The first one means that the design is very similar with a real car but without logos, emblems, etc. and the second one means that the design of the vehicle is unique combining elements from various concepts.
*7: Baked low poly parts or more geometry without bake. The first one is cheaper and generally comes with damaged parts, the second one allows for much better deformations but not sure if this is supported in UE4 yet.
*8: Full, base or none (based on your requirements it can reduce the price without any loss if you’re planning to make your version unique anyway; I’m talking mostly about dirty models - off road vehicles, military, etc.).
*9: Driveable or driveable and tweaked. In the first case I make sure that the car moves forward and steers and you make the rest. In the second case I make sure that it handles as it should right out of the box, again I’ll mention that the first option adds less to the total price.
*10: Assuming that the vehicle meets your requirements.

I would like high-quality drivable vehicles for low prices.

  1. Both views.
  2. Same or slightly lower.
  3. Regular cars, trucks, buses, and vans that people buy at dealers.
  4. Original design.
  5. Low-poly parts.
  6. Clean.
  7. Drivable.
  8. Low price.