Guideline on making dedicated server

You need to add -server -game -log You need the log to be able to read what the server is doing. Clients will need the server IP and Port like #.#.#.#:7777 -game
Your server router has to port forward traffic at 7777 to the server(if you haven’t changed it in config)

can anyone please give me a step by step Guideline on how to make dedicated server . i execute my game , and i putted -server in game properties and that part is fine . but how can i connect clients to my server ? i know that i have to open port 7777 on the modem of the server but i have problem there but anyway i will fix that , but if anyone could give me a clear step by step guide line i would totally appreciated .

thanks in advance

when should i connect client to server ? exactly at start ? look my game is like you go in a main menu and there is “free mode” which you can join to an session and the logic is that : if there is an available session , join to it . if not create one and let other join . so with that i have to connect them at exact time when they start game and then look for sessions and all this stuff ?

and BTW I’ve heard that each server can be only one session so if i have one “server PC” i have to play the game 10 times if i want to have 10 session ? this would be weird right ? as i can imagine after i connect clients to a server i can have as much session as i want please guide me on that aswell

Clients can travel to a server whenever they want. Browsing existing servers would require a matchmaking server similar to what Steam provides. Your matchmaking server would have a list of available servers for players to connect to. When a client selects and joins a server from the list it starts to travel to that IP while opening the Map the server tell it.

I don’t know much about running multiple sessions on the same server sorry.
You could probably run many sessions and give them a port each.