Guide to use QtCreator for Unreal Engine 4!

I can build and run my project and Ive got to say that it works pretty smooth - much faster than VS intellisense. Although, QT creator lacks few cool features comparing to Visual Assist X.

But what about debugging project? Setting up breakpoints and stepping through application flow etc.

Glad to know that is working for you ! I have not start test on debugging right now but I will !

Please update with what you find out, I’m curious to see if this will work. Also, are you compiling with MS C++ or GCC?

Just use the UnrealBuildTool wich is MS C++ (MSBuild.exe)

Got it working for editing code only (still using VS for compile/debug) and I am impressed by the speed of Intellisense.
Now how embarrassing can this be for Microsoft? How difficult can it be to code a quick header file parser?
Antares, thanks man!

Just create the wiki page here :

Hi Antares,
I got QtCreator working a while back, but used a slightly different approach (plain project + custom toolchain-kits so debugging and highlighting of build errors were working). Eventually I gave up as I couldn’t get some things working:

  1. QtCreator code completion couldn’t handle the deep nested hierarchies of ue4 and therefor I couldn’t get code completion fully working on parent class properties/methods (it worked only up to 3-4 parent classes)
  2. Visual Studio uses some precompiled headers techniques which are automatically included in each file. As QtCreator relies on standard C++ header includes (clean C++ style), I always had to include the correct missing headers. But it was quite annoying and there were always some small glitches were it wasn’t fully working

Does your solution solve these issues? Then I’ll give it another try as I also prefer QtCreator to VS :slight_smile:

I understand what you did, here I have include everything that VS include, this mean that Intellisense is fully working, even OVERRIDE and other macro are understand by QtCreator, give a try !

I would like to try this by I am stuck at the build/run step. I do not see a working directory field and I don’t know if I link to the build.bat or to the unrealbuildtool…
If you could be more precise or perhaps take a screenshot of your settings so that I may finish my setup, thank you.

You have to use BUILD_DLL.bat, but unrealbuildtool must be in your windows path.

I will post screenshot as soon as I can

I seem to be stuck on this part:
4./ In QtCreator you must go into your project settings in Build and remove all compilations steps, then add a Custom Process Step and set Command to BUILD_DLL.bat and Working Directory to your root project directory

I’ve opened the in QtCreator.
In Project Mode (is synonymous with Project Settings?), there I see under Configure Project: No Valid Kits. I’m not sure if that’s an issue.
Looking for Build Settings. I found ‘Build & Run’ under options, again I’m not sure if this is the correct area?

First you need to add at least one kit, if you don’t have available kit it means that you may have not install full Qt Package, once you will add a kit to your project you will see options

Ah, thanks. Yea I only downloaded the Creator because Chrome keeps blocking the full version thinking that it’s got malware.

:-1: error: No rule to make target ‘Source/EightyThree/.cpp’, needed by 'debug/.o’. Stop.

this is output when I try to run build.

This is because you have not complete this part :

4./ In QtCreator you must go into your project settings in Build and remove all compilations steps, then add a Custom Process Step and set Command to BUILD_DLL.bat and Working Directory to your root project directory

And QtCreator try to build the game without bat file

That is the step that i cannot finish, I do not see a working path or command textfield to set the .bat. I do see a build path, a makefile path … and i do not know where the run executable path textfield is.

In fact you have to remove all building step first then click on Add Build Step and select Custom Process Step wich is basically a way to tell to QtCreator that running a exe (or bat) is part of compilation process (actually in our case this is the only step)

I cannot for the life of me setup the build/run appropriately and would prefer you do a screen capture to better illustrate the method.
I can not find a working path entry field or a command entry field and have no idea where the launchsolo.bat should be called from.
also I cannot remove any default build options as the remove button is greyed out.

Please help a fellow out.

I made a little video of how mine is setup:

I went ahead and made a video going through the full Qt setup process following these instructions: