Guide to preparing Assets for the Marketplace

Hi all,

Pardon my ignorance but I’ve been keen to try uploading assets for the unreal marketplace, I’ve read through their guidelines but I’m struggling to find a straight forward list of what I’m expected to prepare for assets and how I’m to save them for upload to the checking process.

I’m comfortable making the assets (in this case Arch Vis stuff) and setting them up in Unreal with materials, textures and all ina nice folder, I’m just at a loss of what to do from there, what to save out for upload knowing I’m not going to spend months in some trial and error process.

If I’ve missed something blatant then please feel free to make a fool of me but It’d be grand if there was a PDF or Guide out there that covered the export process so I know my assets will be fine to check by the quality control so the only thing I have to worry about is making good assets.

Many thanks anyway and apologies if this is in the wrong place.

You will have your assets in an Unreal Project - so they will be uasset files

Names are supposed to be specifically named as well like

Static Mesh start with SM_
Blueprints start with BP_
Textures with T_


To submit to the marketplace you submit the project includes your assets. Here is a link: Marketplace Guidelines - Unreal Engine. Look at section 2.7.2. You want to make sure your project is clean and only includes your assets along with a an overview level showing your assets.

Well it should not be so much about what is expected by Epic but by those you would expect to buy your produced as a usable product. Being a developer of games what is it that you are offering that fills a need rather than an assumption on your part of what is usable as a fit to finish product?

First assumption is all assets are ready to use when in most cases off the self products tends to add more problems than they solve and the number one problem is that lack of understanding that the only practical reason to purchase an asset is to save"time" that would other wise be wasted via the use of sweat equity.

A good example

There are now a fair number of environment assets that supplies the parts to make an unlimited number of different buildings that can be made but do not value add ready made drag and drop from a catalogue of ready to use buildings.


If two products are made available, one with the basic parts to make an unlimited number of buildings and another that supplies a large number of buildings at the same price, I would buy the one that includes the ready made option as what I’m actually buying is the “time” savings.

Bottom line what it takes to get a product onto the market place is something that you need to learn as to a process and is totally different as to filling the need as to the value of a product with in the marketplace as to what someone will or won’t buy that is best learned by working at Best Buy for a month. :wink: