Guide to make a realtime video of my project

I just finished my first project in UE4, and now i want to show it to the world.
Unfortunately i have some problems with capturing it.

I tried the make a movie function in the Matinee window, but my preformance drops to 5fps and makes it absolutly unplayable (normally 120fps and 75fps on the oculus rift)

So i was wondering, what am i doing wrong or is there some guide or tutorial on how to make a video like this.

Thank you.

You can export frame-by-frame png from Matinee window then use FFMPEG to make it into a mp4. Or you can use Nvidia Shadowplay or similar to capture the movie (without using Matinee).

I did what you described in the matinee window, but it is unplayable.

do you mean you made the video and it in unplayable?

My project is unplayable when i record a movie in matinee. which doesn’t make a very nice movie ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue:

oh wait so you want to show off some gameplay? If that’s the case you will have to use an external video recorder

Ah ok, then i’m going to try out the Nvidia Shadowplay.

Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile:

If shadowplay doesn’t work for you, you could look into OpenBroadcaster. It takes a wee bit of work at the beginning to set up but it is free.