Guide on building UE4 C++ project on Mac with Xcode and Visual Studio code

I wrote a guide on building a UE4 C++ project on Mac using Xcode or Visual Studio Code. I couldn’t find a good guide on building UE4 on Mac using VSCode, so I wrote one…


Hello. My name is Sergey.
Thank you for the article about working on iOS with Unreal Engine.
I have never worked for iOS, but I would like to know some points.

  1. If I have imac or macbook, with Xcode, can I compile games for Windows and Android, without development rights for ios?
  2. Does Xcode support systems like intellisense c ++ on Visual Studio?

Best wishes.

Excelente guide…thanks

Thank you so much for this guide! This is pure gold!

Thank you for creating this Guide! I did everything accordingly and I’m ALMOST getting there, but I’m facing some problems when compiling the project in UE4.26.2, it doesn’t seem to recognize the changes I make in VSCode. I switched to XCode, made the same changes (which in this case was the size of a Capsule Component), compiled inside UE and it did responded to the code. Any idea why it isn’t working in VSCode?