Guide Me Get into game development .

Hello , i am a total beginner at game development . have some pretty original and unique game ideas that i want to materialize . i have looked at unity and unreal as well . as far i can say unity is not as strong enough in 3d aspect and overall engine as unreal . i have heard quiet hype about 2d version of unity , havent used it , neither i have used paper 2d . can we make full fledged 2d games for android as well as steam version , fully equipped with in app purchases , adds , leaderboards and such in unreal ? should i start learning c++ or blueprints will be able to handle most stuff i asked for ? Give me step by step instructions that i can follow to start making android and steam games , preferably 2d . i want to learn as fast as possible . Thanks

Well when you start a new project you get to choose a template to work with in UE4 and unity should be the same way. Now BPs can do quiet a bit of stuff. I think there are some limitations to it compared to c++ I’m just not sure what because I don’t know c++. And for you to learn as fast as you can is really on how fast you can catch on to everything. Not really much anyone can do for you on learning.

Help you?? sorry don’t mean to be rude…learn, today you guys have it easy, learning resources every where, when I started we had nothing…No one held our hand…So I suggest to use Google, and learn, and decide what you enjoy and practice…

thanks for the reply

sorry my english is bad ,:slight_smile: i meant to guiide me . i want to make professional 2d games . is unreal suitable . i like challenges . and to be honest working with Unreal is itself a premium feeling compared to unity . and we all know that :slight_smile:

Unreal is a lot more forgiving at first because you get everything you need to make a working prototype out of the box and you don’t need to know c# or buy a lot of assets to just get started. However it is also a complex engine so when you start to dig deeper it will require a lot of time and practice to get things working properly.

Game development in general require a lot of time and practice though but just dive in and start to make some tiny games and enjoy the ride.

When it comes to graphics quality Unity and Unreal Engine are pretty even. In the end it all depends on the content creators and the proper implementation into the particular engine.

Unreal have Content Examples project, it gives you a good idea of what Unreal can do. Though not the very first place to start, it might be confusing.