[Guide/Free Resources] RPG Game Development Kit

What I’m currently doing within my games company is trying to create the basis of an RPG that allows my team to create powerful and complex AI, Conversation and Combat systems all within blueprints just by manipulating a few properties e.g. enums.

The current aim of our game is to make a story based RPG with quests and a combo based combat system (much like street fighter)

As I’m the only person in my team that has the programming skill required to create all this, the system I create needs to be usable by people without any knowledge of c++.

I therefore feel that if I can create something that other game developers can use, as well as our company, it will be more useful for the community. And if nothing else might give people the head start that they might need to create their own RPG.

In its current state, the combat system is all working and I have everything I need to build a quest and conversation system. It’s missing some key areas but I’ll soon have them done.

If anyone is interested in looking at the current code here it is:

and here is the you tube channel I’m using to demonstrate key areas of the game:

What I’m hoping to achieve is for a downloaded plugin for the Unreal Engine that allows anyone to create their own RPG only having to use blueprints to control everything.

This won’t include animation, 3D models, textures etc this will be just a framework to build on.

i saw your videos and that seems to be verry cool i can’t wait to see the final result i’m a big fun of rpg

Nice idea, I saw similar project in the Unity Market but I didn’t saw, yet, this kind of project on the marketplace of Unreal.

As I’m myself (trying to) develop an RPG I’m looking forward to see more of your work. And it’s nice of you to post the source code of the project (even though some comments may be missing, sorry I’m nit-picking :wink: )

The video you posted are maybe a little too rough, but it seems to do things correctly :smiley:

Good luck

If anyone has any suggestions there are a few things that I need a lot of help with:

Combos and Combo classes:

What I need to be able to do is to make these into blueprint cable classes so I can build the combos within the Unreal Engine as blueprints. I need to be able to add a Combo to a Combo, to produce the links between them and add animations, sounds and other variables, such as actions to them.

I need to be able to create instances of actions within c++, that can take in parameters on creation.

Conversation System:
Just like the Combo system I need to be able to add a Conversation to another Conversation within blueprints and change their variables.

I need to make the items to be placeable in the game, spawnable in blueprints and to create an instance within c++. That attaches to a socket, can show/hide, and can work in blueprints

There should be many way to do what you want to do, and your description is way too short for giving precise answers. But there is some sugestions :slight_smile:

Some question : what is a combo for you? Is this just more than one attack following each other? Does making a combo give bonus? Is there something else?


To create a combo (understand : a skill) I would proceed the same as I did for my spell system. Create a Combo class and implement all the function you need. (a Damage function, heal, stun, etc…) And also the variable (power, cost in mana, chicken, etc…)

Once this is done, go in your editor and create a Blueprint based on the Combo class and just add the function you need, set the parameter and voila, done.

Chaining Combos

I would add to my Character a container in which you store all the combo that the player input. And once the player validate/the time is up/the combo limit is reached the Character start executing each combo in the order.

If you want to check if the combo in the container correspond to a special pattern, implement a function which will take into its parameter a container of combo name and simply check if this container is the same as the one in the character. You will have to call this function just before executing the combos in your blueprint.

Mmh, depend on what are the action your are speaking about? Thing like attack, use an item, help a friend, etc? I need more information here ^^’

Intredasting, this is topic I didn’t think of for now, but I will certainly need to implement one, someday.

Can you add a “wait for input” node in a blueprint? If yes, then the conversation blueprint will be a chain of : “Draw text” → “Ask for choice” → wait for input → “switch which call the correct node depending on the input” → “Draw text” → etc…

Sorry, there I’m totally ignorant, so I don’t have ,any advices here ^^’

That could help you start, maybe :smiley:

I hope that I, at least, gave you some ideas :slight_smile:

What I meant was that I have the entire system set up for combos, actions and the conversations system, if you look at the video it shows that the combat system is all working. The issue is building them within blueprints as every time I try and make them into UObject based classes they give me errors without cause and description. I need to be able to do this in order for it to work.

The combo system is a collection of button presses that hold a collection of other button presses in order to chain them together.

The conversation system is done in a similar way to the combo system.

An action defines what everything is doing. It allows AI to access what an object is currently doing, for example a player might be performing an AttackAction therefore the bot should defend if possible.