Guidance for how to use the plugin "Comfortable Cpu"

Some friends are not aware of how to get the “Config” file for the plugin “Comfortable Cpu”, which is an optimization tool to suppress the occupation of Cpu from the Unreal Engine.
Please follow these easy steps:
#1 Install the plugin “Comfortable Cpu”
#2 Click the button “Installed Plugins” to affirm or reinstall me if you need in the future
#3 Turn on the plugin “Comfortable Cpu”
#4 Click the “Settings” inside the “Content Browser”
#5 Turn on the “Show Engine Content” and “Show Plugin Content”
#6 Input the “Comfortable” inside the search bar, you should already have got the “Config” file. The second optional way is to set the “Filters” to the “Blueprint Enumeration”.
#7 Open the “Config” file, set the number of processors what you like
#8 Save the “Config” file and restart the Unreal Editor, then you could check the effect inside the Windows Task Manager. Enjoy your life.