GUI Tutorial - Making Menu/Character Screens

Is there a tutorial for GUI?
Doing fine with rest at moment,
but having issues getting
GUI Menu & Character Screens started.
Thanks, ya’ll.
rock on.

Check out new content examples, there Blueprint GUI sample, which is quite nice.

Creating a proper loadout/character screen is part of my next list of tasks.
At moment, I have very little to share :frowning:

Wraiyth was nice enough do to two little tutorials about slate, Part 1 Part 2

there was a similar question here and it should help LINK HERE

I’ve registered for epic games forums, but I can’t access these links. :frowning:

Im getting same thing here, registered with forums but cant access.

This is an old post from our pre-release beta testers, put here for reference in case anyone runs into these problems again, and links may no longer be valid.

For this particular question, follow link: slate tutorials from Wraiyth - C++ - Epic Developer Community Forums to get to tutorial on new forums.

I think part or all of this is reposted here: