GUI Masking

Is there any way to create a gui mask in blueprint. Basically I need some text to slide into the middle of the screen where a rectangle is being drawn.
I only want the text to be visible when it is on top of the rectangle.


I don’t have UE up right now to check, but if the text is outside of the text box, it shouldn’t be drawn on screen. I know that when My text is too large for the box, it is masked outside of it.

It’s not in a text box, the text and rectangle are drawn separately through blueprint.

Made a quick video on what I was mentioning. If you scale the box from zero to the desired size you can mask out the object. Obviously this is limited to a square/rectangle shape but it is effective for simple stuff.

Thanks for that but like I said I’m creating it through blueprint not UMG.

Can this be done using a masked texture over the majority of the screen?

You could try a disintegrating material … Here is a link from a forum member. (Apologies don’t known his forum name). Its a very good blog of how to do this sort of effect.

You could use this with a simple a gradient to wipe text in and out.