GUI in UE4

Hello I am new in the UE4, and I would like to create a GUI menu. Do You know if there are some examples/tutorials how to create a GUI? I prefer C++ code, but some Blueprint would not be bad too. Thanks.

In the unreal documentation there’s a whole page about using Slate which is Unreal’s GUI System.

Slate is under-documented right now and a few of us have been banging our heads to understand it. We are all hoping for a visual editor. Search for “slate” in the forums, you’ll see.

In the meantime, if you just wish to put up a few buttons to allow you to work on the rest of your code, check out the Blueprint_HUD level in the Content Examples (free in MarketPlace).

I may make a new Slate tutorial on designing an example Main Menu this week if I have time. Slate itself is not so difficult once you understand it and it quite robust from what I have seen so far. My current code is pretty sloppy and doesn’t follow established coding convention so I will be redo it. I possible may look into making them in Blueprint as well but that should be trivial for most programmers once you understand slate.

Actually I would not bother with UI at all at the moment. Slate just can’t compete with scaleform when it comes to HUDs or 3d menus. I just hope they bring scaleform for us to work with very soon. And if not, you can still get your personal licence if you plan on making a game for money.

Of course Scaleform is one of the best middleware solutions for UI development. Also it not as simple as just buying your own personal license of Scaleform if Autodesk and Epic do not create an agreement You would have to buy the commercial SDK per platform per project , and that not including the approval process you would need to go though with AutoDesk.

Scaleform is the best. No doubt on that but I dont think Epic will integrate Scaleform to UE4 since because UE4 source code is available. I hope Autodesk will create a Scaleform plugin for free just like they did with UDK.

The thing with Scaleform is, you also need to use flash professional, which you can’t buy stand alone anymore (I don’t think), you can only get it either in one of the bundles or through the cloud subscription (seems to be the same as the UE4 sub plan, i just don’t think they allow you to keep using the software if you cancel your sub), apparently it is possible to create a GUI through blueprints, so until Slate becomes more user friendly, or epic introduces an alternative, blueprints might be the way to go.