GUI Artist looking for portfolio work - no longer available

No longer available to do free portfolio work!

I’m now only doing paid jobs as UE4 blueprint scripter, UI designer, Game designer, Environment & prop modeller, Web designer & developer and QA Tester!


My name is Stefan Geerinckx, I’m a jack of all trades, meaning I can do programming, 3D modeling, Music Composing and GUI Design and I have some other minor skills. At this moment I’m looking to do free portfolio work as a GUI Artist because I want to expand my portfolio while working for a real client so I can get a taste of what it’s like to work as a freelancer as GUI Artist.

I’m bored atm so react quickly! This offer might vanish in a few days/weeks when I have other stuff to do, I’m working on 2 entire Action RPG games, so I have work enough to continue with, but right now I’m taking a short break from working on those projects.

Here’s my GUI Designs portfolio! Feel free to also check out my other art and game projects on there!

I always do my best to deliver quality work, but as this is free work and a tryout for me personally, things might end up not so great. But I’m a perfectionist to the bone and very motivated to create stuff for games, so I probably will deliver something good and fast :wink:

Contact me on [EMAIL=“”] if interested or if you need more info!

Best regards,

Stefan Geerinckx - Rebel Camp Games