gtx 970 or r9 390?

i want to buy a graphics card and start sing UE4 (and play games, of course), but i can’t decide between those two; wil the 8GB of ram make a notable difference? i should mention i’m planning on buying 3 23" monitors, nothing too fancy, just sth. common.

Edit: 3 23" monitors? I think you need an Nvidia 980 Ti with 6GB. I honestly wouldn’t get an ATI.

I’d definitely go with the Nvidia option. You need to be careful which version of the card you buy, as not all GTX970s will support three displays.

It depends what you want to do with them. The 970 would easily deal with developing on 3 screens and it appears that the 390 will too.

I’m not sure about gaming on three screens, though, but I’m not sure how many people actually do that if they are not playing Elite: Dangerous. I have two screens, but never use both for gaming. It appears that 1080P gaming is best done on a GTX 970, while higher res gaming is better done on a 390.

Whether you actually plan to game on a higher res is up to you. :slight_smile:

Sorry, should have mentioned, I plan to game on only one monitor, maybe check temp on another. As for the 980 ti, it’s way out of my budget.

So which one did you pick?

I’m on the fence at the moment, because of the GTX 970 3.5GB issue.

I use a EVGA GTX 970 and it performs great for me.