Gtx 960?

Would a 2gb EVGA GTX 960 work well with UE4? I was saving up for a Titan… Then my hardrive took a dump. Then my family’s washer died. (We all chipped in.) Then, my Raspberry Pi got messed up! (Just needed two 16gb Micro SD’s. Still, That’s twenty bucks!)

P.S. I want to run it on the EPIC setting.

Yep GTX 960 will run Unreal Engine 4 fine at Epic settings. My 270X gets ~100fps on an empty scene (which is terrible, why in the world is there so much overhead?) but basically you’ll be able to handle UE4 great.

If you are talking about in the editor Epic have said there’s quite a bit of overheard drawing the editor UI and such, so that may account for it.

Another datapoint re: GPU’s I’m running a Geforce 560 Ti and it works quite well in spite of not being state of the art these days.

I’m running a GT 640. It runs so-so: I tend to have my gameplay viewport surrounded by menus so I can get a silky smooth performance. In fullscreen 1080p it barely runs anything at 30 fps, but that all depends on the lighting, the shaders, the effects, the reflections, stuff like that. The third person blueprint with default settings runs 21 fps with Epic settings in 1080p. Medium settings cuts the resolution in half and lowers other settings as well, and I can easily get 55 fps with that in 1080p.

A GTX 960 would be a godsend. Run everything at epic settings in 1080p, and just don’t care about anything!

I recently upgraded from a 760GTX to a 960GTX. Everything I worked on with both cards was great. Your 960GTX will be fine.

When I get the money I guess I’ll be going for the 960! (Maybe a 970 if it gets cheaper!)

Marioguy… I have a GTX 550ti. It runs it fine… But not good.

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to get a 970 myself before getting set back financially. The 960 definitely isn’t bad, but if you want to push greater effects and performance at higher resolutions (say, lots of advanced post processing in 1080p 60 FPS), you’ll definitely need a 970 for that.

No point upgrading to GTX 970 from 960. Not much improvement. If you already have a 960-level GPU no point in upgrading until Pascal.

No, he’s upgrading from a GTX 550 Ti straight into a 960. I suggested a 970 would be better for pushing effects at top performance, but a 960 is still a good bet.

Yep. I only wan’t the 970 if there is a good deal on it. I really need a more powerfull card. I run unbuntu and opengl seems to slow Unreal down quite a bit. So upgrading my card is the only thing I can do! :frowning: