GTX 880 Rumoured To Launch Within 30 Days ?!?!

Hey Guys,

Just posted this info to the Oculus Rift forums and wanted to share this info with you… holy ?!?


Well, first it was Aug, then Oct/Nov, now it looks like 880 is coming to Gamescom in Germany and is going to be 20% faster than the 780. Hell yes, been waiting and I really hope that its not, hey guys, available in a couple months. Been putting off building a new workstation to work on my game and on one hand, I’m like, well I need this machine for development and the consumer in me is saying, dude, your about to buy a 500-700+ video card in the last month of its lifecycle. It’s hard, gotta go with what I need but I hope this rumor holds.

Same with DDR4 RAM and the X99s

Really, I thought X99 was coming in Sept? Good time to be a gamer, but it’s going to be painfully expensive for the early adopters.

Hopefully the 800 series coming out will drop the 700 series prices, I’m probably going to go for the 780ti unless the price gap between it and the 880 are reasonable. I’ve been holding onto my 660ti in the meantime until the 8 series launched, but would really like to upgrade asap, so this is awesome there is finally some news on this, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

yea to me sept is soon

I just found out today about EVGAs trade-up program where you have 90 days to make up your mind or upgrade/downgrade. I’m going to wait till Gamescom and if they aren’t dropping shortly, I’ll probably grab a 780 Ti then upgrade it to a 880 if I can take advantage of it. Its a bad move not to wait as a consumer but I need to upgrade my dev machine as it’s hitting its limits. Hopefully they shock people and say, “guess what… available now”

Oh man, that sounds awesome!!! I hope ASUS has a similar program, that would be a great way of doing this (save up enough for the 780ti, then save 3 more months while using the 780ti, and then upgrade it? That would be the best of both worlds for us OOOH MUCH POWER - I NEED NOW folks like you and me haha :slight_smile:

I cant wait, it is coming at just the perfect time, my660ti just isn’t cutting it anymore, I upgraded it for my previous pc, then built a new one with haswell cpu, ssd’s Z97 mobo… only to be bogged down by my video card… I need this NOW! :slight_smile:

Between that and the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q w/ GSync, I’m with you my brother. Let’s just hope the 880 ends up being a high-end SKU, it’s rumored this actually could be a mid-range card so I’m staying positive but if you look at the NVidia UK Twitter Account, there is a countdown, and its not for the new tablet that got announced yesterday. Looking forward to the announcement.