GTX 1060 vs RX 480 for Unreal Engine 4?

I’m looking for a new card and was wondering how well does these two cards run while developing a game? People may say nvidia or amd based on other games, game benchmarks but I wanted to know from people who actually used these cards while developing. Performance aside, the 480 seems to be offering a lot more than the 1060 like 2GBs more of memory, the ability to crossfire and better future support so I was wondering the performance difference between the two because if it’s negligible, the 480 is the sure winner.

Either one of them will probably be about the same honestly. The extra vram probably won’t make a difference if you’re working at 1080p and being responsible with texture resolution, and the UE4 doesn’t support multi-gpu in the first place so that’s not happening. What it basically comes down to is, for what you’ll likely use it for, the two advantages you mentioned won’t ever come into play. Personally, I would recommend Nvidia if only because it makes it easier to author PhysX/ApeX assets that the engine uses for things like destruction and cloth physics, but at the end of the day they’ll be the same in every other respect.

I guess I’m gonna go with the 1060 lol, since they’re gonna get 60 fps from the games I play anyway and they’ll be more helpful on the development side. Also, most 3rd party renders prefer nvidia cards which I also need, longevity and crossfire doesn’t also interest me since I’ll sell the 1060 and get the 1080 counterpart when volta and polaris comes. Lastly, for some reason, the 480 here is like $50 more compared to the 1060 and they’re the blower types, dual fan coolers costs more. Thanks.

If longevity doesnt interest you, get a used 980ti for 350$ :wink:

I’d go RX 480. But I’d pick the 1070 or 1080 over that.

Unfortunately I live in a third world country, they don’t really have much of those available as 2nd hand and people who previously owned them seem to think they cost more. But it was definitely an option of mine.

Yeah, the 1070 seems to be the sweet spot, I also though about saving a few more for the 1070 but the thought of selling it after a year and getting the best video card then is holding me back. Aside from that, I really can’t maximise the power it is offering since I only have a 1080p monitor and I can already reach 60fps with a 1060.