GTX 1060 3GB or 6GB ?

Hi. I am planning to buy a new PC for UE4 development on a tight budget (580 us dollars equivalent) and I’m not decided between GTX 1060 3GB or 6GB version. Which version should I get ? I am currently using a full HD monitor. In a few years, I might develop for VR, but it is not certain.

This might help you decide >>

Thank you for your repply. Since I’ll be using an 1080p monitor for a very long time, I went with the 3 GB version, in favour of a more powerful processor ( i5 7400 ). This way, the sistem is VR Ready and more futureproof in case of future GPU upgrades.

Get used 980ti instead. And watch linus tech tips, there are some videos about getting used parts. For eg. you do not need ddr4 that much, better to get slower ram and stronger gpu, etc. Also get AMD cpu.

980ti typically sell for $300 or more used, versus $215 for a GTX 1060. So you’re paying about ~40% more for a ~40% faster GPU.

I personally went with the 6GB version, mostly because I have a thing for dumping meshes and textures on GPU (and using GPU compute functionality), add in dual-monitor and 3GB felt a tad low, so I went with 6GB for my use case.

But it really depends on your needs and use-case