GTA V - Next Gen Version!

Hey guys,

So, I really really really enjoyed playing GTA V on the last gen consoles, but now with the release of the new GTA V next-gen versions, I’m super hyped again. Why? See this below.

First Person Mode in GTA V, and generally, better graphics in next-gen versions, YAAAY!

I just wish we didn’t have to wait until January to play it on PC… FPS mode does look really cool.

I guess it works out ok though, I will be busy with Far Cry 4 in 2 weeks. :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to play this game… I’m still waiting for he PC version. :frowning:

@DotCam -> I will also be pretty busy with Far Cry 4 :smiley:

I might be busy with AC Unity pretty soon too, haha!

Waiting for PC, FPS mode is interesting but I probably won’t use it but I really want to see how much better it looks.

I really cannot wait to see the possibility now with mods. :smiley:

That is the reason I am holding out for the PC Version.

I am so hyped for this game to come out for PC. The mods are going to make the game look insane.

Good to see the next gen consoles get it before the PC again…

I’m kinda bored of GTA, 4 was cack, great physics and visuals, appalling performance, rubbish main character and story, it was like playing GTA 3 HD, where had all the great things that Vice City and San Andreas introduced gone? Just left with this barren soul less game that had nothing to it other than follow the main story. The whole ‘friends’ thing was tedious, so to keep the ability of that bald roid rager sending me helicopters I have to keep taking him on boat trips round the Statue of Liberty…and we don’t even shoot something whilst we’re doing it??? Totally lost the main essence of GTA was which over the top outrageous nonsensical fun, all of a sudden we’re down the route of the scourge of so many modern games which is trying to be to realistic, even the driving got turned to cack.


They really should take a look at the Saints Row games, technically inferior but far more playable and enjoyable. Saints Row nicked the whole idea off GTA then somehow made Saints Row more GTA than GTA was…and they added proper campaign co-op.

Initially I wasn’t to bothered when it came out on the 360/ps3 first as I’m used to waiting a while for the superior PC version but this time round seems to be taking the michael to much I’ve given up caring, might give it a couple of years till the modding community has had some time with it.

and for gods sake why never release Red Dead Redemption for the PC, you need another hand to be able to shoot on horseback at full speed. Hold the trigger to bring up the aim, use the right analogue to aim, press the ‘A’ button to sprint and also press the other trigger to shoot…in fact it was the same on GTA4 on the 360, running whilst shooting involves growing another limb.

and what the hell is Max Payne 3…39GB of gash

I think I’ve just realised after I’ve just wound myself up with that rant that I don’t like Rockstar anymore…

GTA 5 is one heck of a wild ride, Grand Theft Auto Online is still insanely good,You can transfer save files from the previous version, You didn’t find all the secrets, GTA 5 next gen looks incredible. All of that reasons ensure that you can not ignore it