gta style game

I have made several projects also to steam like puzzles and race games. Now dream about minor gta style project. Cars and other vehicles are almost ready and playable. Most difficult is good ao that can follow player. Is there good unreal tutorials for that. Characters i may need to buy from marketplace if continue project. Not open world only small heists where need to rob bank etc

Hi @tero83,

We are huge fans of Heists Games like GTA and Payday. Our Multiplayer 1-on-N: Super Hero vs Villains Heist Game GREEDY BLASTARDS is in the Pre-production Planning stages. We agree with your post “This would great template to make own gta style project”, and picked up this AI Pack from the Marketplace to handle Pedestrians, Cops, and Cronies (friendly for villains). We picked up a few other Marketplace Packages as well to speed up the dev process.

However, If you still desire to pursue a Do-it-yourself AI to follow player, take a look at the Move To Location Blueprints Nodes in which you could set the Dest to the Player’s Location. These nodes do not require any complexity to work. Here’s a couple of Mathew Wadstein Tutorials to get you moving along (pun intended): Move to Actor, Move To Location. Lets Chat. We’re always open to collaboration and live discussion with Gamer Devs working on similar game projects.

Good Luck To You.

Thanks. I probably buy thay ai kit. It can be used also to cars and vehicles? Is there that shooter example which is in your asset video? Would like to hear more and maybe some advices.

Can i send email or pm message asking few questions