GTA 5 PC - Your Crews and adventures!

Hey there!

Only ca. 4 more hours until GTA 5 will be available for the PC. Are you prepared for your ride through Los Santos?

If you want, you can post your Crews here to search for new members or just post pictures and videos of your adventues in GTA5!

I’m really fired up for this game (:

My small “german speaking only” crew:

Will be stocking up in the future to have a lot of fun with a lot of people!

I’ve never played a GTA game but I have to say it looks fun from what I’ve watched on youtube. If I ever have the time I may try this out on PC. =)

Oh my…
15 hours of 1 gaming section… (GTA)
I put my opinion tomorrow.

Good Night

I played all series, i spend more time with gta 1 and gta 2 than the others. old days, more free time.

I not going to buy GTA 5 yet because i not want spend now too much time playing a game. :lol:

Would love to get it but it’s very difficult to buy GTAV for the 3rd time.

That’s why you wait for the PC version or stick to the console one you first bought. :smiley:

Yeah we got some good laugh on our gaming sessions already, but it seems like that servers still can’t handle the amount of players.
Got dcing teammates every now and then and also had a really big bug with the Online Heist where i just fell through the floor :X

Also i can’t seem to start the Content Creator where you can make your own levels. Is this bugged or just not released?

Just got the game only to find out my DVD RW is broken. Waiting for the new one to arrive tomorrow :frowning:

:smiley: Reading this, i’m quite happy to have VDSL100 and only need an hour to download the game.

How are the heists going guys/girls? My team and i almost finish 4 out of 5 for now. They are pretty much fun and awesome.

I cant start the content creator either(it just hangs), but online play has been great and the game is a real work of art, the leveling up process for your online character adds alot of depth and satisfaction and after nearly 20 hours of online play im loving it…you can go for a nice relaxing drive into the sunset with the radio on or take on a crazy russian player in a tank, all in the same online session

I’m also having a blast with GTA V, I’ve been using the video editor inside the game as well and it’s pretty good for an in-game tool.

I am new and trying to get to GTA V , and till date loving the game.

The contentcreator can be started from singleplayer.
While inside the singleplayer game, go to the menu and click “online” -> Editor or something.

That will work and not load forever.

naaaa noooose

i like GTA