GTA 5 Online PC ban wave

Hi there, I plan to buy the game soon to play with my friends online and yes I am that guy that didn’t play the game yet :rolleyes:
From what I heard it seems like GTA 5 anti cheat system is banning everyone, normal players, hackers… I am not sure if it is true but I heard that some softwares that use overlays (msi afterburner, fraps…) can trigger the anti cheat system to ban you.

I wanted to ask you if you have any experience with this, is it really happening or is it just a bunch of liers who got banned for modding.

All i know is that apparently you can get banned if you install single player mods so even though there are a few mods i would like to try i wont risk it…cheating is rampant in gta online though i play probably a couple of times a month and every time i play there is something shady going on lol you apparently have to be careful of anyone trying to give you money ingame as well, other than that great game

I will mostly play in private sessions with friends, public sessions are awful from what I heard.

well its certainly entertaining…the new biker gamemode is pretty good with lots of people on the server as it encourages you to form/join groups…you can watch what the other players in the server are doing from the TV in your apartment as well to get some idea if you dare to go outside lol…even with the rampant cheating the public sessions are still fun…the stuff your gonna hear in voice chat is either gonna make you grow chest hairs or make them fall out

Interesting read to someone whose owned the entire past GTA series…
Because I was brutally disappointed in GTA-V. It was just $150m of hype.
I was sure the graphics would at least match something like Driver-SF etc.
So is multiplayer the key here, with private games especially a lot of fun…
It makes up for the ordinary graphics and bland repetitive Singleplayer…???

I don’t think I’ve ever played a public session of GTA online on the PC where nearly every other player wasn’t cheating…

you can be walking happily down the road and then all of a sudden everyone turns into water fountains…

Modding is still possible but now I think it is better U play Just Cause 3

Just wanted to let you all know that GTA 5 is 29.99$ on Steam right now, I just bought it :slight_smile:

Do U know there are people who downloaded their game from torrent and did not open the internet for 3 long months . Surely “Winter is Coming” situation in their life…:rolleyes:

I played gta 5 online today for 10 hours and didn’t encounter a single modder, maybe Rockstar did something about it.

I think they should have added the other two maps too and the GTA SA gang war so that we could have a better control over the story mode i.e.either they were thieves or they were ruthless street gang squad leaders . Or rich powerful people .What do Ya say ?

I heard about the people who were angry they were being ‘sexually assaulted’ in GTA 5… No comment lmfao :rolleyes: