Grubby Public Restroom


This pack is completely modular and highly customisable thanks to quixel megascans, which is now free for all Unreal Engine 4 users. The look of the scene can be changed
dramaticly by just switching up some of the base materials like, walls, floor and tiles… Not to mention that decals will also have a huge impact to the look and mood of the scene.

Obviously this scene was heavily inspired by the amazing work of Wiktor Öhman “Silent hill Restroom”. I recomend to check out his youtube video, since it also is a huge resource of inspiration and might give you some new ideas to customize this scene. Click the youtube link below to check out Wiktors Silent Hill Restroom.

This pack is tight to Quixel Megascans textures but will also contain Megascans free custom textures in case you are using a different engine than Unreal engine 4.
However i strongly recomend to use Unreal Engine 4 or a Megascans subscription to enjoy the full beauty of the amazing megascans textures and decals.

The plan is to include all Megascans textures used in this pack in a sepeart only for use with Unreal Engine 4 folder, however i need to clarify this first during the submitting process
with Epic. The alternative would be a small tutorial video with a complete list of all used Megascans textures and decals.

Feel free to ask, request and to critic…

Short Video Clip

Wiktors Silent Hill Restroom