gRPC integration in UE5 - how to use

After spending 2 non fruitful days trying to resolve a conflict between my gRPC generated files needing “libprotobuf”.lib" and UE4.27 webRTC already defining libprotobuf.lib, I decided to migrate to UE5 after some Discord suggestions.

Indeed I can see within UE5 ThirtParty folders that Protobuf has been excluded in its own folder now, as well as gRPC seems to be existing as well here: “\UE_5.0\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\vcpkg”.
Tried installing it as vcpkg instructs, but that vcpkg folder does not include bootstrap bat file, therefore I’m still quite confused on how I could generate my gRPC files from within UE5.

Could anyone shed some light, please?

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