Growing Asset Collection for ArchViz

Hello guys,

I am new to this forum…3d artist from Austria.
I dont know if I am allowed to post this here - if not, I apologize and to the admins, please delete this posting.

I work in the arch-viz field for over a decade now. Earlier this year I got into UE4. I also work as artist for Turbosquid.
The last few days I spent countless hours converting my 3dsmax catalgoue into UE4 assets…quite exhausting…and not barely done.

Attached you find the link to my models.
Over a hundret models, mostly furniture from known designers like +Halle, Flexform or Molteni&C
This will be an ongoing project for the next few weeks trying to provide an even bigger catalogue of UE4 assets for ArchViz-UE4-artists.

My Turbosquid Catalogue

best regards

Today I uploaded tons of patio furniture assets from “Dedon”
Slimline, Panama, Mu, Dala, Barcelona

There is always a need for good arch viz assets for Unreal engine. Keep it up������

G’day mate,
Thanks for you work on these! It would be nice to see some closer images of what they look like.

You should show an image of your lightmaps on turbosquid. We can’t know if they’re really optimized for ue4.
Are you baking high poly to low poly+normal maps for those furniture? I think you should explore this method because your models still appear a bit high poly for being ‘‘optimized’’ for real time.

Good work anyway, we need more of those :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

thanks for the feedback!

I will try to update my description to make those point more clear.
Showing the Lightmap might be a good idea too.

The original mesh is from 3dsmax. I updated every mesh and reduced the polycount trying to keep the shape and details as much as possible.
The assets use normal maps…nothing is baked in 3dsmax.
The images show the asset after lightbaking in UE4.

thanks again for your feedback!

…and to adopt future models correctly…what poly/tri count do you guys recommend?

It would definitely be a good idea to post a picture of the model with lighting only and the light map UVs and mention the resolution being used. No one wants to spend hours baking chairs that only look good with a 2048 light map.

good point! thanks

Beautiful work. Package them up and get them on the ue4 marketplace.

I wish I could…but I am an excluse Turbosquid seller…I am actually not allowed to sell anywhere else.