Growable trees (FREE)

Growable Trees:

These assets are a bit heavy on the performance so no forest creation with these guys :)…
No 4.26 version since i could not get these to work in the latest engine (performance wise).

Project Files

Unreal 4_19 : HERE(can be used for 4.19 - 4.24)
Unreal 4_25 : HERE (can be used for 4.25 - 4.25)

Use the project provided in zip by just opening the project file. 4.20-4.24 right click on 4.19 project file “GrowableTree” and choose “Switch Unreal Engine Version…”


Unzip and copy /Growabletree/content/GrowableTree to you project’s content folder.

See my Marketplace assets HERE

Happy Trails!