Grouping Variables in Blueprints

This would be just a really nice QOL change. Adding the ability to group my variables into “folders” per se in the My Blueprint tab could make a whole world of difference for organising projects into less of a list of messy information.

You can already do this with categories:
image image

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How did i not know this was a thing?! Thank you!

Probably because there’s no ‘easy-to-find’ Blueprints FAQ.
I for one have lobbied the docs team, but just got crickets!
There’s lots of issues incl Delays & Loops Epic could cover. :wink:

Or maybe it’s because you don’t try hard enough.

Every demo Epic has released is freely available to you. Every sample project Epic has made is freely available to you. Every line of documentation is freely available to you. Every instructional video Epic has made is freely available to you. Every character from Paragon is freely available to you. Every MetaHuman from the MetaHuman demo is freely available to you. Every asset from Quixel Megascans is freely available to you. Every line of source code that even makes the engine possible in the first place is freely available to you. Everything you need to use this engine to it’s full extent is freely available to you.

Blaming Epic Games (a company whose engine has been used in countless commercial and independent projects for two decades) for your apparent blindness is insane.

This isn’t about me dude. I’m self-sufficient. However its arguably less fair to new devs, even if you don’t agree. :wink: Every week there are the same posts on here from new posters tripping up over the same old issues. A FAQ would help, that’s all!

Yep, that does happen a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine
I know that’s probably what you meant, but hey, they are literal FAQs.

If you mean in terms of beginner tutorials, quick tips, and cheat sheets, those all exist already.

There are 10-20 topics in BP and another 10-20 more in the Editor, that come up all the time and trip people up. While the info is readily available (Docs / YouTube / Forums / AH / Wiki), its not always all in one place. Here’s 3 more examples like the BP For-Loop / Delay one. Its not for me, I just think BP and the Editor deserve a ‘Survival guide’. Top-10 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid.


Sure, but Epic do ask for feedback, especially teams working in Docs / Training. Also Unity currently offers better support. Examples available on request. But there are devs on there (staff) answering questions right now. Whereas support on here has fallen off a cliff since 2017.

Please understand this is criticism, not hate. Epic are letting the forums die. That’s not a good look for them and will hurt longer term. They could at least offer free MP packs to devs who help. But we’re not going to agree on this ultimately, so I’ll bow out now, as its unproductive. :+1: