Grouping Nodes

Side point: The interface and documentation is terribly limited and unintuitive, so I can’t figure out how they do this. In the landscape materials creation guide in the documentation it basically skips a ton of steps and leaves out a **** ton of information.

A whole paragraph prior to a screenshot depicting how it’s supposed to look in the end is not very helpful, especially when things aren’t accurately described or named as they are in 4.9. For one thing, how do you create those containers that group certain nodes by name?

See the screenshot below. Nothing about these kinds of groupings (or what they’re called for that matter) is mentioned in the steps.

Also, just to add to the issue with this tutorial:

Once the material is applied in my project, it appears shiny for some reason. It doesn’t look real at all, not like it does in the screenshots of the tutorial. I wish I could provide a screenshot for this as well but that part of this post is broken, I’ll try to add it above.

I definitely set a ScalarParameter at 0 and connected it to metalic. I don’t know what a “ScalarValue” is as it doesn’t appear to exist as the tutorial describes it. The only thing I can find is “ScalarParameter”.

Oh I just figured out the shiny issue. The documentation, again, is incredibly unclear. The value that is 0 in the screenshot is called a constant. It doesn’t even mention this. It also never bothered to mention the add node or what that is or does.

Select the nodes, press “c” for “comment” (or right-click and select “create comment”)